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Frequently Asked Questions

Historical Data


Which exchange rates do you cover?

The service covers 64 currency pairs as well as their "flips", or inverses, plus the Gold and Silver Spot in 7 currencies along with Bitcoin in USD for a total of 143 items. Please click here for a table outlining the coverage.

Do you provide intra-day data or only end-of-day?

Only end-of-day.

What time is the data updated?

The data is updated year round at 17:45 New York time. In Australia, this is 7:45 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time and 9:45 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time. For more information see the full Update Schedule.

The forex market trades round-the-clock. What do you base your daily close on? What is the following day's open based on?

The close is derived from prices prevailing at 17:00 NY. The following trading day's open price is determined by the first trade that occurs after 17:00:00 NY.

Do you provide prices for trading that occurs over weekends?

No. The interbank market winds right down over weekends, even though your particular currency broker may continue to offer you quotes.

Historical Data

How clean is your data?

If you trial the service, you will be able to download 6 months of data history and check its integrity.

I am trialling your service, and there are discrepancies between your prices and prices I see on the internet. Why is this so?

There is no central exchange to regulate forex trading, so there are no "official" forex prices. End-of-day reports vary according to the nature of the source and the time-frame used. Some reports rely on a single source while others reflect a "feed" built up from multiple contributors. Also, there are different feeds that have different sets of contributors. Our data is multi-sourced.

How much data history do you provide?

The "trial" history is available free of charge and provides the last 6 months of data. The "full" history is available for purchase, and has data for most cross-rates going back to January 2, 1991 (excluding those that involve the Euro which began trading on January 4, 1999). Full details can be found here.

What format is the data held in?

You can choose to install the forex history in "MetaStock" format, "text" format or both. Having installed in both formats, you can choose to stop updating either format at a later stage. The "text" format database can be configured to suit your needs with various delimiter and date display options.


How much does it cost?

An annual subscription costs $150 US Dollars or $198 Australian Dollars (inc. GST). 6-month subscriptions are also available. Please view our interactive pricing page, where you can calculate the price of the various FX subscription options using any one of a selection of international currencies.

If I subscribe, can I cancel my subscription at any time?

No. Subscriptions are not refundable in the event that the service is no longer required. Please make sure that the service is likely to meet your needs before choosing to subscribe (you can trial the service for free for 3 weeks).

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