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The Service & Software

"Premium Forex" is a software package that updates end-of-day prices from the Interbank Foreign Exchange market (see under "Market Coverage" on the menu to the left).

To set up the service, there are two installers involved -

  • The Premium Forex program installer.
  • The Forex data history installer.
These installers are available to subscribers, or trial users, from the Downloads area of our site. The extent of the data history provided by the history installer will depend on whether you have purchased the "full" Forex history. If not, you will only be entitled to the shorter "trial" history, which is available free of charge.

Once installation is complete, the service is easy to run - it's simply a matter of ensuring connection to the Internet, opening the Premium Forex application and clicking the "update" button. There are no restrictions on the number of updates that can be performed. When the program connects to our data servers, it supplies any data that hasn't as yet been downloaded. If you have been away on holidays, the intervening period is filled in automatically.

The service employs 4 data servers in different locations around the world. If one server happens to be down, or no route to it can be found, the program automatically tries the next one in turn.

Data Format

The Forex historical data may be installed in the "MetaStock" data format or in CSV format, or in both formats. Each update appends the latest price information to the installed database(s). Volume is not applicable to Forex.

Please Note!

The "MetaStock"-format database can be accessed by any charting or analysis package that reads the "MetaStock" format. The installation package also includes a basic charting package ("Premium Charts") for the benefit of subscribers who don't have any suitable charting software of their own. The CSV format files may by be opened directly by Microsoft Excel.

* MetaStock™ is a registered trademark of Equis International, Inc.