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> How to switch from Premium Forex to Norgate Data Forex
- Premium Data program upgrade (Apr 5, 2021)
- DataTools program upgrade (Sep 28, 2020)

How to switch from Premium Forex to Norgate Data Forex

Note: The information below assumes that you have an existing Premium Forex subscription with time remaining.

  1. Contact us to receive a coupon code. This coupon will provide you with a 25% discount off the price of your initial Norgate Data subscription.

  2. Go to the Norgate Data website to subscribe to the Norgate Data Forex service (for 6 months or for 12).
    Enter your coupon code as part of filling out the online Order Form:
    Note: If you don't already have a Norgate Data account, you will need to register for one. Your existing Premium Forex username & password won't be recognized by Norgate Data.

  3. After subscribing, make a note of your new Norgate Data username & password.

  4. Given that you have time remaining on your Premium Forex subscription, request to have that remaining time converted to additional Norgate Data time.
    1. Log into My Account on the Premium Data website using your (old) Premium Forex username & password.
    2. Enter your (new) Norgate Data username in the box under "Conversion of remaining subscription time to Norgate Data" and click Submit.
    3. After we receive the request, we will contact you by email to confirm the conversion details.

  5. Download the installer for the Norgate Data Updater program ("NDU") from the Norgate Data website:

  6. Run the downloaded installer to install NDU.

  7. Open NDU and click the "Check for Updates" button. Your first data update will download the Forex database and bring it up to date.

  8. If you need to have the Forex data in MetaStock or ASCII format, click the Tools tab and then use the Export Task Manager to set up an export task for either of these formats: