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Premium Data Frequently Asked Questions

The Stocks Database

The Stocks Database

I've installed a trial history and noticed that some stocks have a full history whilst most don't. What's the pattern?
For the ASX, the \Equities\A folder contains full histories - otherwise the trial data goes back 12 months. A similar pattern applies to the US trial histories.

Where can I find the World Indices?
The default installation path for a Stocks history is c:\Trading Data\Stocks -
c:\Trading Data\Stocks\ASX
c:\Trading Data\Stocks\US

Irrespective of which market history you install, the World Indices folder is located directly under the Stocks folder -
c:\Trading Data\Stocks\World Indices

I don't want alphabetical sub-folders in my stocks database. Can I get rid of them?
Yes. Click on the "Configuration" tab in Premium Data and then on the "Database Structure" button at bottom right. Untick an exchange to eliminate the alphabetical sub-folder structure for that exchange. Then click "Save". If you need to revert back, just tick the exchange(s) again.

More Information

How do I delete a Custom Folder?
Unwanted Custom Folders can be deleted using Windows in the same way that you would delete any folder. Custom Folders can be found under the relevant exchange folder under the main "Stocks" folder.

More Information

Why aren't US Stocks adjusted for ordinary dividends?
Our stocks data is adjusted for all capital-related corporate actions - splits, reverse splits, capital returns, special dividends, stock dividends, demergers and spin-offs. The methodology we use is the same as that used by index providers (such as Standard & Poors) for benchmark indexes such as the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000 etc. These indexes are not adjusted for ordinary dividends. By using the same methodology as the index providers, we keep our stocks data "in synch" with the indexes.


What time is the data updated?
Click on the relevant link(s) below to see full details:
Australian Market Update Schedule
US Market Update Schedule
World Indices Update Schedule

My updates seem to go very slow. What could be the cause?
There are 4 possible causes.

  1. You are subscribed to ASX\Derivatives, which increases the number of securities that need to be updated each day by a factor of about 10.
  2. More Information
  3. You have created a large number of Custom Folders, which need to be updated in addition to your standard database.
  4. More Information
  5. You may have "real-time" virus scanning enabled in your Antivirus software.
  6. More Information
  7. Your database files may be quite fragmented.
  8. More Information

If a slow update "can't be helped", consider using the Windows Task Scheduler to perform updates when you are away from your computer.

Can I automate the updates?
Yes. You can create a task in the Windows Task Scheduler to run updates automatically at a preferred time. Click on "more information" below for full instructions.

More Information

When I click the "Update" button in Premium Data nothing seems to happen.
It could be that you don't have a Stocks history installed. If you've taken out a trial, make sure to download and then run a trial history installer.

More Information

I can't seem to connect to your servers to get an update. What can I try?
Click on the Update tab in Premium Data and go to the Server Selection menu. Try updating from Servers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in turn.

More Information

Still no connection. What's next?
Make sure that your Personal Firewall is not blocking "DataUpdater.exe" from accessing the internet. See the next answer below.

I think my firewall asked me whether I should allow "DataUpdater.exe" to access the internet and I answered "no". What can I do now?
Some Personal Firewall applications prompt you to re-confirm permission for internet access whenever they notice that a program has changed (for instance, because of a component upgrade).

"DataUpdater.exe" is the engine behind Premium Data and needs to be able to access the internet. If you have inadvertently blocked it, you'll need to take steps to un-block it.

More Information

I have checked my firewall settings (or I have no firewall installed), but I still can't seem to connect.
Check your internet connection settings under the Configuration tab.

The default connection option for Premium Data is to use your settings from Internet Explorer. This option is o.k. even if you use Firefox or another browser to access the internet, as long as Internet Explorer is actually installed on your machine. If Internet Explorer is not installed, select Direct Connection. If Internet Explorer is installed, make sure that its not currently set to "Work Offline". Start Internet Explorer and click the File menu. If "Work Offline" is ticked, click on it to untick it.

If you are using a proxy server on a LAN, please configure the proxy settings within Internet Explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings). Otherwise, try the Direct Connection option.


I've had to re-format my hard drive. How do I re-install Premium Data?
The easiest way is to download the program installer + history installer(s) from our website at the downloads area.

Save all installers to the same place on your machine - e.g. to your Windows Desktop. Then find the program installer, run it and follow the prompts. The program installer should "recognise" any history installers and offer to install the history for you as part of the process. The program and history installers can also be run independently.

I've bought a new computer and I want to transfer Premium Data across to it. Is there anything in particular I need to know?
The Premium Data program itself can't be copied across - it needs to be installed via the program installer available from our Downloads area. On the other hand, existing data histories can be copied across.

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