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DataTools Service Information

What's New?

Service Information

Database Upgrade - Brent Index Replacement: July 24, 2017

Discontinuation of Coverage: April 11, 2017

Brent Crude Continuous Contract Changes: February 4, 2016

CME Pit Closures: July 06, 2015

Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 de-listed: June 23, 2015

Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 phase out: June 17, 2015

Available Database Upgrades 

Fixing Connection Problems 

DataTools & Windows Operating Systems 

De-Listed Contracts 

Problems with Continuous Contracts 

Database Upgrade - Brent Index Replacement: July 24, 2017

In September 2016 the ICE changed the calculation of the Brent Index from daily to monthly (calculated at the settlement of each futures contract). We are now providing updates for the following market in the "Cash" folder as a replacement:

Brent Crude Europe FOB $BFOE

Prices for $BFOE are essentially historic in that they are delayed by 6 trading days.

Please note -
  • the newly added symbol won't update for you unless you obtain the historical data first.

  • to incorporate the new market, please perform a "Database Upgrade".

The full list of available database upgrades and instructions on how to add these markets can be found here > Available Database Upgrades

Discontinuation of Coverage: April 11, 2017

The LME ended trading in its Steel Billet contract as of April 10, 2017. As such the Steel Billet cash market series will no longer be updated.

Brent Crude Continuous Contract Changes: February 4, 2016

ICE Futures Europe has altered the expiration date schedule for Brent Crude beginning with the March 2016 contract. Previously, Brent Crude expired on the 15th day of the prior month - this has now been changed to the last business day of 2 months prior. As a result the Continuous Contract Roll Schedule for Brent Crude needs to be updated in DataTools. To implement the new Roll Schedule, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Close any charting applications
  2. Open DataTools
  3. Do an Update (File > Update Data > Update)
  4. Close the Update window
  5. Open the Continuous Contracts settings (Tools > Continuous Contracts)
  6. Select Brent Crude and click the "Edit Roll Settings" button
  7. On the tabs across the top, change to the "Roll File Editor" tab
  8. Click the "Save as User Default" button
  9. Click "Save & Exit"
  10. Click "Create Contracts"
  11. Click "Exit"

CME Pit Closures: July 06, 2015

Following on from their notice on the 4th of February, the CME have announced that all futures trading pits (except for the S&P 500 pit) have been closed SER-7416.

To remove "10-Year Note", "5-Year Note", "Corn", "Oats", "Rough Rice", "Soybean Meal", "Soybean Oil", "Soybeans", "US Treasury Bond", "Wheat (Kansas)" and "Wheat" from your Futures database, please follow the instructions shown here > De-Listed Contracts

The "All Sessions Combined" contracts (eg: "10-Year Note C" and "Wheat C") will continue to be updated by DataTools based on Globex trading.

Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 de-listed: June 23, 2015

On June 18, 2015 the CME officially announced that they would be delisting the Dow Jones (SER-7378) and Nasdaq 100 (SER-7381) futures contracts. With the expiry of the June contracts these markets have now been completely delisted by the CME.

To remove "Dow Jones", "Dow Jones C", "Nasdaq 100" and "Nasdaq 100 F" from your Futures database, please follow the instructions shown here > De-Listed Contracts

Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 phase out: June 17, 2015

The CME Group are in the process of phasing out the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 contracts.

On the 4th of February the CME announced that they were going to close most of their futures trading pits in Chicago and New York by July 2, 2015 (source).
The following day they removed all impacted contracts with an expiration beyond June 2015, from trading.
On the 23rd of February they further announced that as of March 12 the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 would no longer be available for trading on Globex (source: SER-7297 and SER-7298.

As such, when the June contracts expire at the end of this week, the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 will effectively become completely Delisted.

As a result of the phase out process, the Spliced and Back-Adjusted Continuous Contracts will only contain data up to the 12th of June (when they would normally have rolled into the September contract).

Available Database Upgrades

The following markets are currently available as database upgrades in DataTools:

Market Code Added
Brent Crude Europe FOB $BFOE 20170724

Please note -
  • the newly added symbols won't update for you unless you obtain the historical data first.

  • the continuous contracts for these markets won't exist unless you create them!

  • to incorporate these new markets, please make sure that all charting programs are closed and perform a "Database Upgrade".

To perform a Database Upgrade -

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

  2. Close all charting programs.

  3. Open DataTools and click on Program Utilities and then on Database Upgrade.

  4. Highlight any market histories you wish to incorporate and then click "Download".

  5. If you can't see any markets to download, run a normal Update first.

To create Continuous Contracts -

  1. Open the Continuous Contracts module in DataTools (Tools/Continuous Contracts)

  2. Highlight the required market(s) in the market list and click "Create Contracts".

Fixing Connection Problems

Occasionally DataTools may have trouble connecting to one of our data servers.

If you experience any issues where DataTools cannot connect or it is not updating past a certain date, you can try changing the server that DataTools connects to.

You can do this on the Update Window in DataTools, by changing the "Server Selection" to try each of the 4 servers in turn.

DataTools & Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft has ended support for the following operating systems and service packs:
Operating System Date
Windows 98 July 11 2006
Windows ME July 11 2006
Windows 2000 July 13 2010
Windows XP SP2 July 13 2010
Windows Vista SP1 July 12 2011
Windows XP SP3 April 08 2014
Windows Vista SP2 April 11 2017

As such, we are advising potential clients that they need to have Windows Vista SP2 (or above) in order to run our updating products. Whilst DataTools should continue to function under W98/ME/2k and XP, we can no longer guarantee that it will work seamlessly. In particular, problems may arise when we issue an automatic upgrade to a program component. If you are using an earlier version of windows and you find that an upgrade causes the program to fail, you can usually work around the problem simply by doing a program re-install. Program installers are always available for this purpose from the Downloads area of our website.

Contracts De-listed

To remove a market from the database, use Windows to delete the relevant market sub-folder from the ...\Futures\Contracts\ folder (or cut-and-paste it to an archive) If you're not sure where your "Futures" folder is located, you can read the location from the DataTools Configuration page, where the entry for "Data Folder" shows the path to its top level. (Program Utilities / Configuration / General). The default installation path is c:\Trading Data\Futures\.

The following markets have been de-listed since the DataTools service commenced:

Exchange Market Name
ASX All Ords SPI
ASX Australian Dollar (SFE)
ASX Barley (SFE)
ASX Broad Wool
ASX Canola (SFE)
ASX Cattle (SFE)
ASX Fine Wool
ASX Greasy Wool
ASX Sorghum (SFE)
ASX Wheat (SFE)
CME Group E-mini Russell 2000
CME Group Deutschemark
CME Group Dow Jones
CME Group Nasdaq 100
CME Group Pork Bellies (Frozen)
CME Group Treasury Bills
CME Group Unleaded Gas
Eurex Nemax 50
ICE Futures Canada Western Barley
ICE Futures US Cocoa
ICE Futures US Coffee
ICE Futures US Continuous Commodity Index
ICE Futures US Cotton
ICE Futures US Orange Juice
ICE Futures US Sugar #11
ICE Futures US US Dollar Index
NYSE Liffe Euro-Lira
NYSE Liffe Euro-Mark
NYSE Liffe Italian Govt. Bond
NYSE Liffe Coffee (LIFFE)
SGX Euroyen TIBOR*
*Contract still listed for trading.

Problems with Continuous Contracts

General Advice

If any problem is noticed with a continuous contract, the first thing to try is to re-build the contract from scratch. Continuous contracts are made from the data in your underlying futures database. As long as this data is sound, you can always quickly re-create a continuous contract. The Continuous Contracts module can be accessed from the chain-link icon, or from under the Tools item on the DataTools menu line. See below for a complete description of the process.

Re-creating Continuous Contracts

  1. Open DataTools and select "Tools" from the menu line and then "Continuous Contracts".

  2. Highlight the market in question and click "Edit Roll Settings".

  3. Make sure that the "End Year" setting shows some year beyond the current year (towards the bottom of the Annual Template window)

  4. Click "Save & Exit"

  5. With the market in question still highlighted, click "Create Contracts".