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This section provides an overview of the installation process for our updating programs. For more specific instructions, please go to the FAQs under each product support area.

New installation

New installation

Separate installers
For each of our product lines (Stocks, Futures and Forex) there are separate program and history installers. For an updating program to work, a data history must be installed. So when you install a program for the first time, don't forget to download a history installer as well.

Downloading installers
When downloading associated program and history installers, save them to the same place on your machine. Then find the program installer, run it and follow the prompts. The program installer will "recognise" the associated history installer and offer to install the history for you as part of the process.

Note: the program and history installers can also be run separately.

Installation paths
During installation, you will be prompted to provide installation paths for the program and history. The default program installation path is - c:\Trading Applications (this path is assumed in some of the instructions below). The default history installation path is - c:\Trading Data. If you prefer to define your own paths instead of accepting the defaults, we strongly recommend that the paths be kept apart (don't install the history folder directly under the program folder and vice versa). Also, don't attempt to install a program to your Windows Desktop.

File Syncing/Sharing
We do not recommend using Dropbox (or most other cloud-based file-syncing methods) with our data. The MetaStock format is quite fragile and if the files are locked by Dropbox whilst an update is under way, corruption is almost certainly guaranteed.
In addition, some of these online syncing programs re-sync the entire file whenever it is modified rather than just the incremental change. As just about every data file changes during an update, this would essentially lead to the whole "Trading Data" folder being completely re-synced after every update (which could potentially add up to a fair amount of internet quota usage).
If a sync has not fully completed before you access the data on the other machine then at the very least you will also experience significant inconsistencies between the 2 machines.

Instead, we recommend fully installing the program and data history on the second machine and then updating both machines separately. Ultimately this is the easiest, cleanest and simplest method. It is for this reason that we allow installation on a second machine.

The installation package
When you install any of our updating programs, a simple free charting program ("Premium Charts") is also installed. This program is for the benefit of users who don't have any charting software of their own.

After installation
The installation will leave short-cuts to the updating program and Premium Charts on your Windows Desktop and Taskbar. You can also access the programs through Start > All Programs > Trading Applications. Open the updating program and click the "Update" button to bring your history up to date.


To un-install a program, go Start > All Programs > Trading Applications and then select Uninstall (program name). Or to un-install via the Windows Control Panel -

Under XP - go Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find the program name in the list, highlight it and then click "Change/Remove"
Under Vista - go Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Find the program name in the list, highlight it and then click "Uninstall/Change"

The Uninstall application will offer you the choice of un-installing the program or the data history or both.


Program installers and history installers are always available to current subscribers from our Downloads area.

Note: a full history installer will only be available if you have purchased the full history at some stage - otherwise, you will just see the installer for the shorter trial history.

If you re-install a history (without deleting or un-installing the existing one) the history installer will first re-name the existing version to preserve a copy of it. Similarly, if you upgrade from a "trial" history to a "full" history. For instance -

If you re-install the ASX history, the installer will re-name the existing "ASX" folder to "ASX(Previous Installation)" before installing a fresh "ASX" folder.
If you re-install the Futures history, the installer will re-name the existing "Futures" folder to "Futures(Previous Installation)" before installing a fresh "Futures" folder.

If you have no need of these back-up copies, you can simply delete them. If you are a MetaStock™ user, please be aware that these back-up copies hold your pre-existing "Smart Charts". If you wish to keep your pre-existing Smart Charts (transfer them over to your new database) you can do so by way of our Smart Charts Copier tool. More information on this subject is available here.

Note: When re-installing a history, make sure that all programs that might access the history files are closed (the updating program, charting programs etc). Also make sure that no existing history folder is currently open in Windows.