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How to Download

The Downloads area is divided into separate sections for "Stocks", "Futures" and "Forex". However, only those sections that correspond to a current subscription (or free trial) will be visible.

Each section contains a program installer (for the relevant updating program) and one or more history installers. For an updating program to work, there must be a corresponding history installed. You will need to download the program installer and the relevant history installer(s) for your data to work.

To download an installer -

  1. Go to the relevant "Section".
  2. Find the row that contains a description of the installer you wish to download.
  3. Go across to the right of the row and click on one of the 2 available servers.
  4. If prompted to do so by your internet browser, choose a location on your machine where the file will be saved.

Internet browsers will typically save files automatically to the location pre-designated as the "Downloads" folder. Unless another folder has been designated, the default Downloads folder will be -

The illustration below shows the Downloads page with steps to download the Premium Data program installer.