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Stock NeuroMaster FAQ

Stock NeuroMaster is an analysis software package that uses neural net technology. It has the ability to read data from Premium Data using its inbuilt support of the MetaStock data format. This FAQ has a number of items:

Setting up Stock NeuroMaster to read data from Premium Data
Updating data within Stock NeuroMaster
Can I make Stock NeuroMaster to perform analysis on multiple symbols?

Setting up Stock NeuroMaster to read data from Premium Data

Create a new model by clicking the File menu, then New Model then the Next button.

On the next screen, under "Select Data Source" area select "MetaStock Files" radio button.

Under "Select File for Importing", click the "..." button then navigate to the data folder (e.g. C:\Trading Data\Stocks\US\NYSE\A, C:\Trading Data\Futures\Continuous Contracts\Back Adjusted etc.)

Then on the right hand side, select the symbol you want to perform the analysis upon then click OK.

In the initial date, select the first date you want to use. Note: The more data you select, Stock NeuroMaster seems to get exponentially slower in importing the file.

Then follow the rest of the steps that allow you to modify the model parameters.

Updating data within Stock NeuroMaster

To update the data for each analysis model, open the model the click the Update button at the top of the page. This will retrieve any data updates that have been made to the MetaStock database for that symbol.

Can I make Stock NeuroMaster to perform analysis on multiple symbols?

At the time of writing, the latest version of Stock NeuroMaster (version 1.31) can only analyse a single symbol at a time. You need to create a separate model for each security you wish to analyse.

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