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Smart Charts Copier

Current Version:
Released: 6th September 2011

What is it?

The problem with Smart Charts is that MetaStock™ stores them "inside" a data history. If a fresh version of the history is installed, the pre-existing Smart Charts are lost. The Smart Charts Copier is a tool to assist clients in retaining their MetaStock™ Smart Charts after installing a replacement history.

This tool is only applicable for MetaStock v6.52 through v11 inclusive. It has no effect on MetaStock v15+, which stores Smart Charts differently.

History Re-installation

If you re-install a history (without first deleting or un-installing the existing history) the history installer will rename the existing history folder to preserve a copy of it as a backup. Similarly, if you upgrade from a "trial" history to a "full" history.

For instance:
If you re-install the ASX history, the installer will rename the existing "ASX" folder to "ASX(Previous Installation)" before installing a fresh "ASX" folder.
If you re-install the Futures history, the installer will rename the existing "Futures" folder to "Futures(Previous Installation)" before installing a fresh "Futures" folder.

The back-up history folder contains the pre-existing Smart Charts. These Smart Charts can then be transferred to the new history folder using the Smart Charts Copier.

Using the Smart Charts Copier - an example:

The illustration below shows the Smart Charts Copier being set up to transfer pre-existing Smart Charts after a Forex history re-installation.

Smart Charts Copier

How much does it cost?

The Smart Charts Copier is available free-of-charge to subscribers and trial users.

Where can I get it?

You will find the Smart Charts Copier in our Downloads Area.

Help and Support

If you have any difficulties using the Smart Charts Copier, you can email us:
Please note that we cannot guarantee that it will work in all cases.


* MetaStock™ is a registered trademark of Equis International, Inc.