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Refunds Policy

Our data subscriptions are for fixed terms (6 months or 12). Subscriptions cannot be cancelled in the event that a service is no longer required. This is a condition that must be agreed to in our online Order Form before a subscription can proceed.

If you are not certain whether our data can be utilised by a particular piece of software that you own, or whether it is likely to meet your needs in other ways, please make use of the fully operational free 3-week trials that we offer. These trials come with no obligation.

Refunds will only be paid with respect to data update subscriptions if we cannot get the service in question to work substantially as advertised and after reasonable efforts to address the reported problem have been made. Refunds will not be paid if the problem lies with third-party software.

Refunds are not available at all with respect to the purchase of data histories. This is because a data history cannot be returned to us in any meaningful way. If you are not certain as to the quality of the data histories that we offer, please take out a corresponding data update trial, as these trials offer sample histories.