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Some links are provided in the following areas of interest:

Australian Stock Market

Australian Stock Market

Analysis & Recommendations Associations Bookshop
Australian Stock Report
Bioshares - specialising in biotechnology stocks
Eureka Report
Fat Prophets
The Chartist
The Intelligent Investor
Tutorials Applied Technical Analysis - newsletter from Guppy

Australian Investors Association
Australian Shareholders Association
Australian Technical Analysts Association

Educated Investor

Brokers Company Information Education
Find a Broker - from the ASX
Find a Broker or CFD provider - from Infochoice
Australian Share Brokers - from e-stockbroker

ASX Company Announcements
Boardroom Radio
Open Briefings
Delisted - excellent resource for information about companies that are on their last legs or have passed away

Oxford Dictionary of Australian Investment Terms
Daryl Guppy
Share Trading Education - featuring Jim Berg
The Trading Game - Chris Tate and Louise Bedford, with emphasis on the psychology of trading
Trading Plan - Stuart McPhee
Trading Pro - Dr. Claus Gerling, with emphasis on CFDs

Forums Market Information Portals
Aussie Stock Forums
Hot Copper
Share Cafe
The Chartist Forum

Code Changes - from the ASX
Short Sell statistics - from the ASX
Upcoming Floats - from the ASX

Business Spectator - comprehensive news site
Egoli - "Eagle Eye"
The Bull
Trading Room


Charting & Analysis Portfolio Management MetastockTM Resources
AmiBroker coding Service
MetaStock (Australian Agent)
Pro Trader - features sophisticated scanning for indicators and patterns

Stator AFM
Stock Portfolio Organizer

Meta Formula - "MetaStock Made Easy"
MetaStock Tips - Newsletter, tips and tools from Roy Larsen
Metastock Tools - various tools and plug-ins from Jose Silva
Trader Nexus - plug-ins from Richard Dale
Trading Tools - API for developers
Wabbit - Coding Help