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Downloading / Installation FAQ

Can I install your programs on an Apple Mac?
Not directly. Our programs are only designed to run under Windows (Windows 7 and above) so they will not run directly on the Mac operating system. However they will work on a Mac computer that is running Windows. This can be through a dual-boot setup using BootCamp or through a Windows Virtual Machine with a product like Virtual Box, VMWare or Parallels that runs Windows as Guest OS. You will also need a licensed version of Windows. Norgate does not have any Mac systems so it is unable to provide support relating to the setup of the BootCamp or virtual environments.

Can I run your programs under Linux using WINE?
This environment is not recommended or supported.

Can I install your programs and data on a Windows Tablet?
This is possible, as long as the Tablet is running the full Version of Windows 8 (or higher) and not Windows RT. You will also need to make sure you have sufficient disk space to spare - at least 1 GB.

I'd like to convert from a free trial to a subscription. Will I need to re-install anything?
You won't need to re-install your updating program(s). But if you purchase a "full" history as part of your subscription, you'll need to download/run the corresponding full history installer. This will replace the existing trial history.

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I want to install a "full" history. Do I need to download the "trial" history installer as well?

How often are the history installers refreshed?
Fresh history installers are usually uploaded to our servers every Sunday with data up to the close of Friday.

I purchased a history some time ago as a stand-alone item and I want to download it again. Why can't I see the installer in the Downloads area?
See our notes on History Only Purchases.

How do I transfer my programs to a new machine?
The easiest way is to download the program and history installers from our site. Programs can't be copied from one machine to another - they need to be installed.

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My computer has been upgraded to Windows 7 and I can't run an installer. What can I do?
If you already had one of our products installed on your computer before upgrading to Windows 7, the existing installation folder and/or the files already in that folder may have inadequate security permissions. The program and data folders need to have the security permissions set so that the Windows User Account has write access.

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I've downloaded an installer but I can't run it (I get a message saying that Windows can't open the file). What can I do?
Check the file extension of the downloaded installer. If the extension is anything other than "exe", rename the file to restore the "exe" extension.

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