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Using Our Data With Gannalyst

Known Issues


Gannalyst has the ability to read data in the "MetaStock" format (which is the format used by Premium Data). However, it cannot read the latest version of the format, which allows up to 6,000 files per folder. As there have been no releases of this software since around 2006, this limitation may not be addressed. For more information about the 255 files per folder limit and how it relates to our various data services, please see the Known Issues.


Click on a link below to see illustrations of how to open our data with Gannalyst.



Where can I get help on using Gannalyst?
You can find some information on the Gannalyst web site.

Known Issues

As described in the Overview, Gannalyst only supports an outdated version of the "MetaStock" format, where data folders may only contain up to 255 files. Most of Premium Data's data folders contain less than 255 files. However, there are exceptions, and these are detailed below, according to service.

No folder exceeds 255 files.

ASX - at least one alphabetical sub-folder exceeds 255 files (the \Equities\A folder). The \ASX\Equities\C folder may also exceed 255 files.
US Stocks - at least three alphabetical sub-folders exceed 255 files (the \Nasdaq\A & C folders and the \NYSE\C folder). The \NYSE\A folder may also exceed 255 files.

Continuous Contracts - no folder exceeds 255 files.
Contracts (individual contracts) - a number of market folders (Eurodollars, Crude Oil, Heating Oil etc) exceed 255 files. However, our DataTools software does have a facility to remove expired futures contracts so as to limit folder size to 255 files or less.