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The stocks trading platform of the Australian Securities Exchange, located in Sydney, opens at 10:00 and closes at 16:10. Late trading can occur on Equities up to 19:00. Equity Exchange Traded Options close for trading at 16:45. Index Exchange Traded Options close for trading at 20:00. Sydney is at GMT+10 and observes daylight saving during the southern hemisphere summer months to be GMT+11.

Subscription Package Equities Package Extras 1  
  Edition Update Available Equities Indices Indicators ETOs Warrants Interest Bearing Notes
Snapshot 11:00 11:20 The earliest possible time at which snapshots are available is 20 minutes after the hour. The Progressive Snapshots provide an update to the Open, High, Low, Close and Volume of the current day's bar/candle.
12:00 12:20
13:00 13:20
14:00 14:20
15:00 15:20
End-of-day Equities Close 16:30 - Closing prices for Equities, Indices, Interest-bearing Securities & Warrants.
17:00 17:20 - - - Closing price for Equity ETOs, Total Return & Level 2 Indices, Market Breadth Indicators, Implied Volatilities
19:00 19:20 For Equities, this edition incorporates any after-market volumes and trade reversals/corrections published by the ASX, and is considered the official data for the day. Index volumes updated.
  Final 20:30 - - - - - For Equity and Index ETOs the Settlement Price is put into the Close price field.

The Progressive Snapshots are performed by the ASX on the hour and are available at the earliest 20 minutes later.