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Premium Data has the following subscription packages available for ASX data:

Basic Subscription

End of Day - data for Equities and Indices on an end-of-day basis (updates available from 4.30 p.m. Sydney time).

Indicators - provides market breath indicators (some as calculated by the ASX) and Implied Volatility values for stocks that have ETOs associated with them (as calculated by the ASX).

Optional Extras

  • Progressive Snapshots - provides a "progressive" or "cumulative" version of the data through the day (updates are available each hour from 11.20 am Sydney time). This option allows subscribers to see how prices are "shaping up" during the day. Many users especially focus on the 3.20 p.m. (1500) snapshot prior to entering orders for the close.
    Note: "Progressive Snapshots" does not mean "hourly" or "tick" data. The 1500 snapshot, for instance, does not show data for the last hour - instead, it shows OHLC for the entire day up until 3.00 p.m.
  • Derivatives - provides data for Exchange Traded Options, Warrants and Interest-Bearing Securities. For ETOs, "Settlement" prices (rather than last-traded prices) are displayed in the "Close" field as of the 1900 Edition.

Subscription Period

Subscriptions are available for periods of 6 or 12 months (the 12-month option is slightly cheaper on a per month basis).

ASX Data History

Subscribers may update a "trial" ASX history, which is available for free, or purchase our full ASX History.


To calculate the price of any subscription combination, please visit our interactive pricing page.