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Maintenance is performed on a weekly basis, with maintenance action files being published on Saturdays. This allows the "house-keeping" to be performed as a stand-alone task.

The following actions are performed as part of the database maintenance:

  • Historical Equities prices are adjusted to account for recent capital-base changes (share splits, consolidations, spin-offs, capital returns etc). These adjustments are made according to the official ASX "dilution factors" released during the week.
  • Newly listed Equities are assigned full names.
  • Equities that have had a name or code change are refreshed.
  • Delisted Equities are moved to the "Delisted Securities" folder (this happens 6 months after delisting when the ASX publishes a final "remove" notice).
  • Equities that have traded under a temporary code whilst in deferred settlement mode are re-united with their "parent" codes.
  • The histories for delisted Contributing Shares on which payments have been called are merged with their parent codes or with the succeeding Contributing Share codes.