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Historical data is provided in the 7-field "MetaStock" format, where the fields are Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest.

Please Note!

History may be purchased as a stand-alone item (without a subscription to on-going updates). For subscribers to updates, the cost of purchase is a single-time charge.

If you are interested in purchasing historical data as a stand-alone item, and require it in ASCII/CSV format, you can convert it from the "MetaStock" format with our specialised Premium Data Converter program, which allows you to precisely define output parameters. The Converter program is available for Download if you purchase an historical data package or register for a free trial of our ASX Stocks update service.

For further information on history-only purchase, please see here.


For a complete description of the security types contained, and the layout of the folder structure, see Layout & Security Types.


  • Price & volume data for all currently-listed securities.
  • Prices adjusted for capital events (splits, consolidations, capital returns, spin-offs etc) in a consistent manner.
  • No data gaps for periods where stocks changed code whilst trading in "deferred settlement" mode.

The data is adjusted for capital events but not for ordinary cash dividends.
Delisted stocks are not included.


  • All Ordinaries, S&P/ASX 20, S&P/ASX 50, S&P/ASX 100 etc.
  • Plus -
  • All Ordinaries & S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Indices
  • GICS Level 1 (Sector) Indices for ASX 200 & 300
  • GICS Level 2 (Industry Group) Indices for ASX 200 & 300
  • Simulated histories for periods prior to index launch dates
  • World Indices

Extended histories for Indices are provided in all packages.

ASX History Packages

Last 2 years (free) - this history is included with a trial of our ASX update service and is available to update subscribers free of charge.
Last 10 years (AU$90 ex-GST)
Back to 1992 (AU$180 ex-GST) - this is our "full" history for the ASX, as originally obtained from the exchange.


To see the price for a package in an available pricing currency other than Australian Dollars, please go to our interactive pricing page.