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MetaStock™ - Using Our Stocks Data

Our Stocks data is installed (by default) in folders under c:\Trading Data\Stocks:


ASX stocks are found under c:\Trading Data\Stocks\ASX\ ...
U.S. stocks are found under c:\Trading Data\Stocks\US\ ...

The illustrations below assume you have the data history installed along the default installation path. If you have the "Stocks" folder installed along a different path, please take that into account.

Now - let's see how to open the ASX stock "BHP Billiton" (BHP).

1. In MetaStock™, click File > Open. The "Look in" edit box at the top (see [1] in the illustration below) will show the current folder (in this case, the folder that holds the sample data that comes with MetaStock™). Select "Local Data" on the left [2] and Files of Type = Smart Charts at the bottom [3]. Then click the up arrow [4] to start navigating through the drive/folder structure of your machine to get to our "Trading Data" folder.

2. Once you can see the "Trading Data" folder in the window, double-click on it.

3. Now you should see the "Stocks" folder. Double-click on it.

4. Now you should see the "ASX" folder. Double-click on it.

5. Now you should see the "Equities" folder. Double-click on it.

6. Now you should see the "B" folder. Double-click on it.

7. Now you should see a list of stocks. Look down the list for the symbol "BHP" and double-click on it to open that file as a Smart Chart.

MetaStock is a registered trademark of Equis International, Inc.